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Step into a world of refined grace with Etiquette Etiquette. Established in 2019 and proudly licensed and trained by the Protocol School of Washington, a beacon in etiquette education. Our commitment to exceptional training sets us apart, with global recognition for courses featuring quality instruction, meticulous attention to detail, and the distinctive experiences of our instructors. Choose Etiquette Etiquette to elevate your teams' professionalism and embark on a journey where refined grace meets unparalleled expertise.

"Craft your success story with the art of etiquette—where every polished interaction becomes a stepping stone to elevate your journey."

What we offer

However you choose to learn, our certified instructors and training will meet your learning needs, ensuring your success.

Private Traning

Embark on personalized, focused sessions in the DMV area or online via Zoom.

Group Classes

Explore essential etiquette topics alongside peers and expert-guided group classes.

Online Courses

Choose from on-demand e-learning, live group sessions, and training options.

Corporate Training

Discover a variety of courses and tailored solutions for businesses seeking personal development training for their teams.

Afternoon Tea Classes

Indulge in elegance during our afternoon tea sessions—delight in refined etiquette at the Willard Hotel.

Youth Etiquette

Cultivate essential manners early on. Enroll in dynamic youth etiquette classes for enduring development of vital social skills.

Why choose Etiquette Etiquette?

Our accredited and licensed Training Courses are led by Karene A. Puntey, a graduate of The Protocol School of Washington, specializing in Afternoon Tea Classes, Business Etiquette, and Dining Etiquette. However, our commitment to excellence goes beyond words. At Etiquette Etiquette, we encourage you to discover the value we add to your experience.

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I had the privilege of participating in Etiquette Etiquette's training sessions, and it was a transformative experience. The curriculum is comprehensive, and the instructors, led by Karene A. Putney, bring a wealth of knowledge and professionalism. I highly recommend Etiquette Etiquette for anyone seeking to enhance their social skills and professional presence.

-Emily Thompson


Etiquette Etiquette transformed our Jack and Jill Teens for the Beautillion Cotillion Presentation Ball. Their poise and confidence skyrocketed after the comprehensive dining etiquette training. Highly recommend for top-notch and tailored services!

- Michelle Jackson, Beautillion-Cotillion Co-Chair

Jack & Jill of America, Inc - Loudoun County, VA.

Etiquette Etiquette's training program exceeded my expectations. The personalized approach and attention to detail made the sessions informative and enjoyable. Under the guidance of Karene A. Putney, the CEO and certified etiquette instructor, I gained valuable insights into proper etiquette, contributing to my overall confidence in various social and professional settings.

-Robert Davis

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