Cell Phone Etiquette in the Modern World

We now live in a world where texting someone in the same room is considered normal.

When did smartphone become such an integrated part of our lives? When we incessantly text, email and call, we lose the value of face-to-face contact.

According to Cellular Phone Etiquette Among College Students. “ International Journal of Consumer Studies, Vol. 31, N0.1. There has been tremendous growth in the cellular telephone industry in recent years. This evolving technology has given rise to concerns over the social rules of etiquette governing cellphone usage behaviour. The present study was undertaken to better understand the perceptions of cellphone usage propriety among one of the most important target markets for cellphone products young adults attending college. Data were collected from a total of 383 cellphone consumers residing in geographically diverse regions of the United States. Overall, the results indicated a high degree of agreement among respondents as to appropriate and inappropriate situations for cellphone usage. Respondents considered inappropriate situations for cellphone usage to include during worship/church, during class, in a library and in a movie theatre during a movie. Respondents considered it to be appropriate to use cellphones while on public transportation, in a supermarket, and to use a hands-free set while driving. Specific differences were found as a function of geographic regions, gender and employment status.

Cell phones are everywhere, and many of us cannot imagine our lives without them. Technology like cellular phones means a new set of etiquette rules have to catch up as people begin to use these new technologies. If we all kept in mind the “consideration for others” rule, we would not need guidelines for cell phone use, but it seems that we do need rules for proper cell phone use. Increasingly, people are using them anywhere and everywhere without a thought as to whether they are imposing on those around them.

4 Cell Phone Do’s & Don’t Rules to Remember:

Cell Phone Do’s:

  • Do put your phone away.
  • Do utilize your voicemail
  • Do filter your language when speaking on your phone in public places
  • Do respect common quiet zones.

Cell Phone Don’t:

  • Don’t Leave the ringer on in a quiet place
  • Don’t use offensive language
  • Don’t make repeat calls
  • Don’t Ignore those you’re with

Keep in mind that cell phones are a convenience, not a necessity. They are meant to make our lives easier, not become the central entertainment or form of communication in our lives.

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