“Voicemail Tips”

Voicemail 101 simple steps that may save you hours Voicemail is a tricky beast. When you hear the voicemail prompt, ...
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“Cell Phone etiquette”

Are you a cell phone sinner !: Mobile mistakes could wreck your career. Cell phones are great—they keep us in ...
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The importance of good manners

As I go about my life, I see people being rude to each other. It's not just in the workplace; ...
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Guidelines while outdoors

Etiquette guidelines for outdoor while still dealing with the pandemic The Coronavirus impacts almost every facet of our life. The ...
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Being mindful of your actions

"Be mindful of how you treat people. Be mindful of how you handle things. Be aware of your intentions. Be ...
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Coping with the pandemic and The Holidays

The last few months of the year is usually filled with fun. People travel outside their country to visit distant ...
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The Impressions You Make on Others

An impression is what others feel or think about you, whether you are present or not. In many cultures of ...
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Moving Forward

How to Move Forward Life is never smooth sailing. Moving forward in life could be accompanied by inevitable prices – ...
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Gratitude is relative: perhaps surrounded by several meanings. Simply, it is the state of being grateful; it is the appreciation ...
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Respect Others

In the world we are today, so many things have gone wrong due to lack of respect. Many marriages have ...
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