Swing into Spring Etiquette

It’s a new season. Gone are the days of extreme cold, which had kept us indoors for most of the time. Instead, now is the time to rekindle relationships with friends, colleagues, and relatives, as the spring season is a time of rebirth, renewal, and awakening.

Since we will be having a lot of outdoor activities, we should revise the need to take special notes about the way we relate with people. This includes how we coordinate ourselves socially in gatherings, weddings, graduations, and public places. Remember to show courtesy, keep the smile on, exchange good gestures, and be polite when meeting with different people.

All events have laid down protocols, including the way you are expected to dress to the occasion, the role you play to facilitate the successful completion of the event, and many more. Be aware of these things to ensure that you are not singled out as weird and odd. Arrive early and be composed; appear as though you wanted to be there. Startup light conversations with people around you while maintaining decorum.
Reawaken your connections with people all around you. Find time this spring to get in touch with your family, relatives, and colleagues. Ask about their well-being to know that you keep them at heart. Bridge the gap that may have raptured between you. Forgive any misdeeds that may exist between you and focus on rekindling the togetherness spirit.

If you are going on a spring break, make sure to brush up on your vacation etiquette before jetting off to that particular location you have always wanted to visit. Don’t forget to pack your good manners along with your passport, camera, and other holiday essentials. All through your stay, be mindful of the effect of your actions on others around you. Avoid disturbing people with loud music, carefree attitudes, reckless refuse disposal, or disregarding the host community and culture.

In summary, swinging into spring etiquette has everything to do with maintaining our previous known manners while relating with the people and environment we are present in. So, let’s give life and people a second chance, a renewed outlook with the hope that things may get better. Just as spring exists between the winter and the summer as a moderate alternative, good manners should glow from us in today’s world where people are in the extreme.

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