The Impressions You Make on Others

An impression is what others feel or think about you, whether you are present or not. In many cultures of the world, people attribute much importance to appearance, and most significantly, the first impression. On the other hand, the first impression you make on others is the most important impression you can ever make.

People perceive impressions from attitude and character. They respect and develop an unexpected love when you are influential. Hence, making an outstanding image improves the chances of retaining a lasting relationship.

There are great deals of researches explicitly on self-presentations. Managing the impression on others is highly instrumental in creating social rewards. Impressions could create or severe friendship, make or break business deals, and even open doors to endless possibilities. In reality, wrong impressions are more vital than good impressions; people quickly develop a preconceived notion around the lousy impression and easily forget the right impression. 

You make an impression through:

Relationship: People quickly develop an impression about you from the kind of relationship you have with them. Personality perception goes beyond the moment and can last forever. This is common with immediate family, colleagues, or mates.

To create a lasting relationship with others, knowing what others won’t, and to deal with individual differences is very important.

Communication: You make impressions on people when you interact with them. The way you address people goes a long way in commanding a good impression from them. 

People communicate in different ways. It could be verbal or non-verbal communication. However, the way you present your opinions to others will determine the positive or negative feedback you receive. Communication eventually affects the overall quality of one’s life.

Appearance: Your appearance to others creates first and lasting impressions about you. While many people might not even meet you in person or have any conversations with you, it takes them little time to know you from the look. For instance, a lawyer can be identified from afar even without introducing; the official dress made this possible.

The strategy is the same; your impression in a way makes you attractive to others.

Excellent self-presentation conveys psychological, emotional, and social meanings that could break or make 

Simple ways to manage others’ impressions.

  • Be happy.
  • Maintain good hygiene.
  • Speak well about others.
  • Stay away from debt.
  • Speak on the topic at hand during discussions.
  • Be ready to help if you can.
  • Maintain a good public profile.
  • Always keep a smiling face.
  • Maintain right body language and facial expression.
  • Be a good listener.
  • Keep good company.

Generally, the impression you make on others determines how others evaluate, perceive, relate, and even recommend you to others. Hence, focusing on what others are thinking about you is the secret to making a positive impression.

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