Vaccines Etiquette, How and when to Politely ask someone if they have been vaccinated?

Recently, there has been uproar on covid 19 vaccination and restrictions in many countries of the world. However, with about 50% of Americans vaccinated, there is still an immense need to remain health-conscious and vigilant to prevent contracting the Coronavirus.
The new reality we have faced since the end of the lockdown, and the discovery of the covid 19 vaccines is the case of social gatherings restrictions. Even though the vaccines have been tested to help people battling the virus, there are still many people in society who have variant views about it. Their reasons are not ours to judge as we must respect their choices and not interfere with their personal life. But, there may be causes that would necessitate that we ask if people we are to be in contact with are vaccinated or not. Also, how do we go about asking this kind of question?.
Let’s dive in.
Firstly, you should only be bothered about coworkers’ vaccination status if you work in a company with no mandatory instructions prohibiting employees from resuming work without being vaccinated. This is to ensure your safety and that of your family because even though you are vaccinated, coming in close contact with infected people is still a threat to you. In addition, since companies would usually have people interacting and sharing workspace in an indoor setting, the risk of transmission becomes higher.
Similarly, social relationships outside the workplace also necessitate the need to ask about the vaccination status of friends and relatives. Social distancing protocols are usually flaunted when we are in the midst of family and friends. With all the merry-making and joyful experiences, we tend to quickly forget about covid 19 safety precautions and then continue to enjoy the moment to the fullest.
Also, your tone and choice of words when inquiring about the vaccination status of a person are essential. Don’t sound judgmental or use an accusing manner. Instead, approach people politely and ask while giving a reasonable justification for your inquiry. You don’t want to say pushy or nosy about their personal affairs. That is more reason why you should back your query with a statement to justify the need for asking in the first place.
To calm the air, you should probably start by saying that you have been vaccinated and then ask them about their vaccination status before ending it with a reason-why statement. Conversation openers like ‘I hope you don’t mind me asking…’ or ‘are you comfortable with sharing your vaccine status with me?’ and ‘would you be willing to share your…?’ would come in helpful.
Hopefully, if you tow this path, it should make the person more comfortable to give you a response about their vaccination status without having a bad feeling.

In conclusion, since no law mandates people to reveal their vaccination status to every passer-by, you should be prepared to hear any kind of response, which is usually a result of your approach when and how you asked the question. In any case, always be cautious of flaunting safety precautions by being prepared to use your mask, gloves or keep a safe distance from people when needed.

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