“Cell Phone etiquette”

Are you a cell phone sinner !:

Mobile mistakes could wreck your career.

Cell phones are great—they keep us in touch with friends and family and can be lifesavers in an emergency, yet we rarely stop to think about the proper manner in which to use them.

Since mobile etiquette is key to avoiding missteps that could put your career at risk, whether you’re conducting business or simply in the company of friends, it’s essential to be aware of what the norms are when it comes to cell phone etiquette because you never know who you might run into.

This article provides a few tips to help you get through your day without becoming a cell phone sinner.

  • Avoid texting during face-to-face conversations.

Whenever you are in close contact with people, always avoid using your phone as it comes out rude to the other party. Instead, give all of your focus to the matter being discussed to make the second party feel interested and involved in the communication, and they are not being snubbed. Similarly, it is bad manners to pick calls when someone is sitting with you unless and until it is an emergency.

  • Avoid discussing personal issues loudly in public.

Many times, we would see people flouting etiquette when they are on a call. They seem to instantly forget the effect of their action on the people around as soon as their phone conversation gets captivating. Some would even go to the extent of personal discussing issues at the workplace loudly. So make it a guideline for yourself to keep a distance of about 10 feet from the nearest person when talking on the phone and speak in a soft tone.

  • Don’t talk/text and drive.

Every licensed driver knows the potential danger receiving a call or texting while driving poses to the people in the car and society.

But people still disregard this simple “don’t receive a call while driving” etiquette. So what is necessary is to keep in mind the impact your actions may have on the people around you. For example, you could jeopardize your future, the future of your children and relatives, or that of a third party if you are involved in a road accident due to actively using your mobile phone while driving.

  • Don’t get caught up in the distraction.

We are all on our phones these days. Whether we are waiting in a line or at a light, it’s hard to pass the time without checking out texts, emails, or social media. Sometimes, the distractions of our cellphones make it impossible to keep our minds on the critical things – like work, family, and friends – and end up causing problems.

  • Don’t flaunt protocols.

Put your phone on silent mode at meetings, theaters, restaurants, performances, and any other group setting where a ring tone may be bothersome.

  • Be organized before making an important call.

Also, whenever you are on a call with someone, make sure you are clear about what you intend to communicate beforehand. It is advisable to keep related documents that you may need in the course of the discussion handy. You don’t want to keep the person on the other side of the call on hold while you sort things out.

Summarily, before following any workplace cell phone etiquette advice, you should first review your workplace’s phone policy — this policy should take precedence over any outside advice given.

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