The importance of good manners

As I go about my life, I see people being rude to each other. It’s not just in the workplace; I see it in the store, on the bus, and while I’m driving. It’s like people don’t know how to show manners anymore?.
But manners are more than just being polite; good manners can be an effective way to help people feel good about themselves and their lives.
Everyone is usually attracted to the well-mannered person among a group of people. They feel comfortable relating with you when you are of good etiquette and will always prefer to be in your company. This is because good manners enable you to connect with others and show that you care about them. It helps build a bond, a sense of love, and care.
Also, good manners put you in a better mood. When you know the acceptable social behavior expected of you in a particular situation, it increases your confidence and self-esteem. Having good manners allows you to be more relaxed and at ease. You will feel comfortable walking into any situation and knowing what and what not to do.
Try to appear courteous at all times. Be considerate in what you do, in what you say, and how you act. People would usually reciprocate your kind action when dealing with you. If you are kind and polite, you will often get your way. However, if you treat others poorly, they will most likely treat you like scum. So with good manners, you keep yourself away from trouble and embarrassment.
Every individual has unique experiences, manner of interactions, and interpersonal relationships, which have resulted in our differences of opinions and approaches. To foster peaceful coexistence, good manners enable us to tolerate and appreciate others’ experiences, needs, and boundaries.
While the basic skills on a particular job are critical in the workplace, professional manners get positive attention. The method with which the work is carried out, how you relate with your coworkers, the model, and the language used when interacting with them go a long way. People who exhibit good manners are valued immensely in the workplace. They keep the company’s goal and mission at the forefront and help steer fellow workers in that direction. When they are in a position of authority, workers on a lower level are enthusiastic about giving their best to the job. The opposite is what you get with a rude boss or coworker.
Summarily, having good manners is like the oil needed to make an engine run quietly, smoothly, and efficiently. Good manners make our life, and the lives of people around us go more peacefully, pleasantly, and efficiently.
So, it’s always good to have some manners in your back pocket as you never know who you might meet in your life or when you might need it most.

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