Communicable diseases have been in existence for long but when a pandemic strikes, the world shivers. For the past few months, the world has been experiencing a fall in daily activities due to the pandemic Coronavirus Diseases (COVID-19).

However, the only viable solution to survive during the pandemic is to remain civilized.

But how can we be civilized during a pandemic?

During a pandemic, the world needs to be civilized not only to survive but to reduce the rate of fatality. Most countries do lose the grip of control due to ill-preparedness and lack of civility amongst her citizens.

The Covid-19 is not the first pandemic in the world. Almost all centuries have taken a bite of one or more pandemics. Unavoidably, during these periods, civility drops in search of survival. Family disengage; business colleagues depart; many institutions shut down. In fact, the fear of losing out rises during these periods.

Follows are some of the ways to be civilized during a pandemic.

Play Safe

Self-preservation is a great medicine in surviving in a pandemic and this can only be achieved by complying with government lay down rules. For instance, during the Coronavirus Pandemic, many governments imposed a total lockdown on their country. This, to a great extent, reduced inflow and outflow of people in affected regions. Not complying with this could have been more disastrous to not-so-hit regions.   

Reach Out To Family

During a pandemic, too many people feel uncomfortable and some “die in silence”. Your family members are not an exemption. Undoubtedly, this is when your family need you most. When it is difficult to visit them, a phone call or video chat can be more lovely than a million dollar.

Job Retention

While so many business owners would experience a sharp fall in revenue, this would invariably fall back on the employees. As a business owner, your civility during a pandemic lies in your ability to retain your employees. If possible, a measure can be put in place to work from home or implement a pay-cut in place or retrenching.

Help Your Neighbours

Observing a simple courtesy to your neighbour during a pandemic is an immeasurable dose of medicine. People are desperately sad not only because they are rendered jobless but the fear of the unknown during and after the pandemic remains a misery. Reaching out through the phone or a simple Hi can bring a good vibe during a pandemic.

Support The Government Effort

Many countries, even first-world countries, are brought to their knees during a pandemic. With the government looking for the best measure to end the pandemic, it is highly essential to provide inestimable support. Your civil responsibility could be by supporting the government either by sensitizing people around or providing financial aids.

Generally, when you feel uncomfortable or perceive any symptom of a trending pandemic, it is best to stay in isolation or visit a nearby medical centre for a checkup as soon as noticed. This will help to reduce the spread of the pandemic.

Civility during a pandemic is not a one-man’s job! Until the solution is found, we can only stay safe by been civilized.

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