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In the world we are today, so many things have gone wrong due to lack of respect. Many marriages have broken, relationships severed, jobs lost and in fact, many lives have been lost.

While many have failed to admit that there will always be differences among us, others have little or no understanding about what respecting others entails. Perhaps, how long a relationship with others would last depends on “respect for each other”.

To maintain a perfect relationship with others, the following are some of the guides to show respect to each other.

Respect yourself: There is no better way to respect others than to have self-respect. Presenting oneself to others is the best way to respect others. Keeping personal hygiene and being well dressed are keys to achieving this. Apparently, no one wants to speak to or relates with an ill-mannered person.

Listen when others talk: To be a good speaker, you must be a great listener. While listening could be a simple skill, it is very difficult to master. Generally, it is uncivil to speak when others are talking or expressing their views on certain issues. While this will not only give a bad impression, it also makes them feel disrespected.

Appreciate others: As little as help could be from others, it takes a sound mind to appreciate. When you receive a gift, money or someone visits you, a minute of call could signal a million appreciation to them. Saying “thank you” in front of someone is a gem! Perhaps, it can open doors to endless opportunities.

Never bully: Although we live in a world where there are many differences (in financial, social or political status) between people, bullying is never a good trait of civility.  Many countries have gone to war when the so-called superiors bully the inferiors. In fact, the majority of wars might not have started if they respect others’ position or view. Regardless of who you are or the position you hold in society, showing respect to others cannot be over-emphasized.

Pay your bills: There is one thing about human: we are stingy by nature. There are some instances where acquiring a loan might be essential. Owing debt in some cases is not always easy to pay back. On the flip side, paying one’s bill on time is a good way to show respect.

Be confidential: When private information is kept in your possession, it is best to maintain such privacy. For instance, when you work as a banker or a lawyer, you are dealing with other peoples’ information. As much as it is unprofessional to expose your clients – unless required by law, it is a disrespect to divulge their information to others. In severe cases, this may incur a legal sanction.

Encourage: Every day is not always rosy. There are few times in man’s life when you might be passing through the negative side. As expected, productivity will be generally low. A simple “hello” can lift the spirit and can light other’s day.

While these are the few ways to respect others, you can do better by abiding by other simple etiquettes of life. Respecting others open doors to endless opportunities.

Generally, it takes nothing to pay respect; the more you give it out, the more you receive it.

Respect is never inborn; it is learned. You have to keep learning it.

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