Is Etiquette a Thing of the Past?

In recent times, there have been several questions on business etiquette and whether it is still relevant in today’s world. While some argue that it’s a thing of the past, they failed to understand that they hardly do without it in their day-to-day business operation.

What is business etiquette?

Business etiquettes are a set of professional conducts and conventional rule that guides a person’s career. This ranges from being respectful to others, conducting yourself while in a professional meeting, meeting new clients, among others. As this varies from industry to organization standards, it is not the same for all countries and cultures. 

Sadly, many see this as a failed mission due to a lack of professional office practices. From being professional to lack of business skills, some businesses are operated without any formal – not even near – organizational standard. This has invariably sent some out operation while some are struggling to keep their head above water. 

But, is business etiquette a thing of the past? 

While you may be thinking that etiquette is long dead, there is one thing you need to know: you can never do without business etiquette. You may argue that you never subscribe to it, but you hardly skip this in your business activities. Follows are some of the protocols you can scarcely avoid;

Workplace relationship: The ways you speak with your co-workers says a lot about your personality – you always love them to reciprocate. While there might be a significant difference in the ways you relate with all your colleagues, there should, however, be a normalized standard. Kindness and courtesy matter a lot. 

Appreciating other’s contributions in the least form is an etiquette that is still in vogue.

Dress code: Of all the cultural identification of every business, the dress code plays a vital role. Even with the constant changes in etiquette, dress code remains one of the professional identifiers.

For instance, a lawyer can easily be identified by his shirt and black trouser. An engineer is always in love with his helmet and safety boot. And a football player with his soccer boots. Dress code remains inseparable etiquette from most – if not all – organizations.

Punctuality: Obviously, you can’t overemphasize the importance of timeliness as business etiquette. There are several times when an organization will fail to provide or meet customers’ demands. This repels clients’ interest and patronage.

Customers do appreciate when a business meets their needs – anytime they request. 

Appreciating customers: Keep this at the back of your mind: the customer is the blood business when it stops flowing, the company dies – immediately. No matter how much you spend in setting up your business, if you fail to break-even at any point in time, you certainly lose part of your revenue. This is the more reason you respect and appreciate your customers’ patronage to your business. 

Using professional language: Using layman’s word is not suitable when having a professional meeting. A core understanding of your business language positions you as an expert, especially when you meet new clients or prospects. 

These and many more etiquettes are being observed by businesses daily. Although there have been several modifications to these over the years, their relevancies are always justified.

In essence, business etiquette is essential to every professionals’ career. It can help small businesses compete with a large company – even with little marketing. It is still much relevant in today’s world, but many efforts must be employed to ensure that both employers and employers stay up to date. 

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