Compassion & Kindness to Others at Work

As a social gathering, the workplace warrants that we behave ethically and respectfully with others around us. There is always a need for interpersonal communication and relationships among coworkers during working hours, hence, the need to be compassionate and kind in our dealings. While this does not only positively impact our interpersonal relationships as coworkers, it also results in a boost in overall company productivity.

Research has shown that people who witness or benefit from someone’s kindness and compassion are more likely to behave similarly in such environments. Therefore, people’s happiness from being kind and compassionate to others creates a ‘positive feedback loop.’ The kinder you are to people, the better you feel, and people, in turn, try to be good to you.

Offer guidance to colleagues in a fix. 

If you notice that a colleague at work has a problem executing a task effectively, step in to explain and guide the person towards reaching their goals or objectives. Offer your knowledge or experience to ease any roadblock a college may be facing while trying to get their job done. In addition, you can offer to give a helping hand to such coworkers to alleviate their stress and show that you care about them.

Setup brainstorm sessions

The management should have avenues that encourage deep thinking sessions to debate and envision the right way forward for some decisions needed to be made in the company. In addition, including other coworkers creates a sense of belonging in them, and they are more motivated to put in their best for the success of the company’s goals since they were carried along in the brainstorming stage.

Also, mastermind meetings like this would enable employees to showcase their strengths and develop opportunities and ideas on a larger scale, thereby reducing the possibility of a shabby conclusion being made.

Please get to know your colleagues and shout out their skills, strengths, and abilities.

Ensure your coworkers feel seen and involved by getting to know them. Ask about some personal information about them that would bond your relationship with them. Call them by their names and tease them about how you love having them as a coworker in the company. Build mutual respect that makes the person feel safe and welcome. Also, boost their morale by acknowledging their strengths in the presence of others, giving them words of encouragement, and celebrating their wins with them.

In conclusion, it becomes crucial to imbibe positive feelings in the workplace. Showing compassion and kindness to colleagues, superiors, or subordinates is vital to sustaining cooperation, job satisfaction, and work-related motivation.

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