Guidelines while outdoors

Etiquette guidelines for outdoor while still dealing with the pandemic

The Coronavirus impacts almost every facet of our life. The workplace, schools, supermarkets, and most importantly, our dealings with one another.

We have to conform to the new rules till the virus is completely wiped off. Only then can we return to our everyday lives.

Due to the nature of transmission of the covid 19, close contacts must be avoided; sanitizers must be used often after coming in close contact with external objects or people. These changes, amongst other preventive efforts, would affect the way we relate with people around us.

We can no longer shake hands, hug a friend, or pat someone on the back. Everyone secludes themselves at events or public places, no needless chit-chat, but just a wave from afar.

But all these are better substitutes to having the whole country inflicted by a virus because we want to maintain our social and interpersonal relationships with one another.

However, we shouldn’t just throw etiquette into the dustbin. Instead, our current situation requires that some adjustments be made to show manners and etiquette outdoors in society.

Firstly, don’t ever compromise taking preventive measures against getting infected with the covid 19. Your health should always come first to you. It can be seen as the personal etiquette your body requires of you.

Furthermore, don’t be an agent of the spread of the virus. It is a social responsibility to report yourself to the nearest hospital to be examined and isolated if you feel sick or have been in contact with an infected person. Avoid crowded places and walk-through till you have tested negative for the virus.

Follow all social distancing guidelines set by the CDC. Walk 6 meters away from other people, make use of your face mask when going out, and use hand sanitizers frequently when you are outdoor.

However, these guidelines shouldn’t stop you from waving at familiar faces and smiling at them while keeping the stipulated distance between you.

Also, since the Coronavirus spreads through respiratory droplets, make sure your mouth is covered adequately when you cough, spit or sneeze. And don’t let other people’s bodily sweat touch you.

Be prepared for bad weather when going outdoor. It could be a breeze, storm, thunderstorm, or rainfall, forcing people to assemble under the closest shelter with no social distancing measures observed. To avoid this, check the weather forecast beforehand and only go out with a personal umbrella if there is a possibility of a change in weather conditions.

Also, if you are eating outdoor, avoid talking with your mouth full. This may lead to fragments of food being projected and spittled into the air. Similarly, keep your voice quiet. Don’t yell or shout, as this may project virus particles from your mouth.

Remember, we are all in this together. We can still foster good relationships with one another safely outdoor so far, we take necessary precautionary measures. When next you are going outdoors, think of your health, relatives, and other people. Be extra cautious, be responsible and mind your manners.!

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