Being mindful of your actions

“Be mindful of how you treat people. Be mindful of how you handle things. Be aware of your intentions. Be mindful. “~ Alex Elle
Everything seems to be linked with each other in the world we live in. We all pass through similar phases of life and react to events happening around us.
You are judged by your words, actions, and reactions. They portray who you are to the people around you. It is the basis of your personality that is distinct to you alone.
Therefore, it necessitates that you take complete control of how you portray yourself to people. Hence, it would help if you were mindful of your words and actions.
This article will focus on helping you become mindful of your actions.
We have grown up in a society where we are made to believe we own ourselves and our actions; hence, we care less about the effect our efforts have on other people. Our self-interest became the code of conduct, all in the name of freedom.
But have you ever wondered what effect your actions have on other people?
According to a 2004 research in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, merely reading or learning about someone’s struggle to attain a goal makes replicating such an effort pleasing to the reader.
What you do, whether right or wrong, influences the behavior of others.
Being mindful of your actions is about living in the present, taking charge of what you do, and being prepared to face the consequences of your actions.
Actions have ripple effects on people. An act orchestrated by you on someone would make them act similarly on another person or object.
Do you remember how you shouted at someone only because you were frustrated or angered by another person? Or when you were receptive and cheerful to someone because of the kindness and happiness you were given from another person.
In either case, a stranger’s attitude has influenced you to have a similar impact on others.
When you carry on with your daily affairs, and people dislike relating with you and prefer to keep a distance, this is an indicator that they perceive you as an unreasonable fellow. The one that cares not about the people in his surrounding.
From making noise, disturbing neighbors with loud music, and causing uproar in circles, all of these give people a second thought before dealing with you.
Through your actions and the character you exemplify, you have the power to make a positive or negative impact on somebody. It may be to make them happy, sad, motivated, inspired, or discouraged. So, always remember before you take action, even though your actions are your choice to make, what impact will you have on people around you?

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