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Preparing for a job interview takes more than studying different materials in preparation for questions to be asked. It requires mental, social, and psychological readiness, which presents you as a whole embodiment that fits into the core of the job description. This post details how you should carry yourself throughout the interview process to create a good lasting impression on your interviewer to hopefully get the job.

Make Preparations Before Going For The Interview.

Ensure you are fully prepared before entering the interview. Have a copy of your resume, list of references, and any other material or gadget you may need during the interview. If your job is related to technical or online stuff, it will make sense to come along with your laptop to show your competence and portfolio.

Also, make a background check to learn more about the company and its goals and mission. Also, note down the name of the interviewer or hiring manager to communicate better during the interview.

Stay Away From All Distractions.

Switch off your mobile phone or put it on airplane mode to prevent unwanted calls, message alerts, or alarms from going on during the interview. Similarly, don’t enter the discussion when you’re pressed or while still chewing on something. 

Get There Early. 

Preferably about 15 minutes before the interview starts. This allows you to freshen up and get your mind relaxed while awaiting the start of the interview. However, don’t be too early. Arriving at the interview venue an hour before your scheduled time is too much. Instead, you can find a place to sit around the neighborhood till about 15-20 mins before the start of the interview. 

Dress Neatly and Smartly.

Appear in neat and intelligent attire that goes in line with the kind of clothes people adorn in the company. You should make an excellent first impression on your interviewer and show a positive image by not looking odd. The persona you assume can be sensed from how you present yourself to an important event such as a job interview.

Meet Your Interviewer

Greet your interviewer with a smiling face and a firm handshake. Sit up straight and look genuinely interested. Introduce yourself by your name and let the interviewer know you’re glad to meet him—exchange short talks with the interviewer for calming down the tension in the room. Then let the interviewer direct the flow of the conversation as he wishes. Don’t look around the room aimlessly, but keep good eye contact with your interviewer to show your confidence.

Talk Calmly And Confidently.

Once your interview starts, take a gentle breath and stay calm. Answer questions calmly and politely as they come. Don’t rush. Please don’t cut your interviewer’s words; let them finish, then you respond. Process your words and present them in the best form possible to convince the hiring manager you’re qualified for the job. 

Also, keep a smiling face throughout the conversation. If you don’t get a question, you can ask the interviewer to repeat it. Finally, appear and sound relaxed throughout the interview.

In summary, your educational achievements and experience, primary social skills, ability to communicate your thoughts, and the overall impression you make on the interviewer can often determine a hiring manager’s decision on your interview performance. 

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