How To Be A Good Guest

Whether it’s a special occasion or a yearly celebration, the impression you leave on your host as a guest lasts longer and will determine if they will want you around some other time.

It all starts with an invitation. Usually, you receive an email or call from the host to know if you would be available at their event. Check your schedule to know you will be free and immediately inform the host. Thank them for the invite and tell them how honored you’re to be their guest.

Generally, when invited to occasions, you should do the followings;

Go With a Gift: Bring a gift to the venue. It can be a bottle of wine, a bouquet, or anything you know the host will appreciate. Please don’t come with friends except after seeking the host’s permission, as some hosts would strictly plan for those they invite. You don’t want to be the person that puts the host in a tight position because they need provisions for the extra guest.

Arrive early to help the host prepare for the occasion if needed. Otherwise, arrive at the venue about 3-5 minutes before the start of the event. On the other hand, please don’t arrive too early, so the host feels uncomfortable with your presence while they are not yet ready to welcome you.

Dress Accordingly: As you would be informed of the type of occasion you were invited to, your dress is expected to match the experience. When you enter, greet the host to make your arrival known, and once again, thank them for the kind gesture and present any gift you brought. Exchange pleasantries with familiar faces, and then take your seat.

Maintain Proper Phone Etiquettes: Once the event is on, put off your phone. Don’t be distracted by your phone in the presence of other guests and the host. Instead, relate with others present and don’t seclude yourself.

Eat With Love: Eat what is available. If you have any allergy or diet preference, communicate this to the host beforehand so they may make some provisions for what you ate. You can also bring a considerable amount of food you eat to share with others at the event.

Don’t Overstay: Once it’s time to leave, do so early. Don’t loiter around. The last thing your host wants is an extended event time. They have probably had a lot going on since morning and need a rest. So when you are about to leave, go and thank them and tell them how much you loved the event, the food, and the kind faces you met, then announce your departure.

Send a Thank You Message: When you get home, you can call or email the host to let them know you arrived safely and thank them for the fun-filled day they invited you to share with them.

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