Even if your product is the magic pill everyone in your market is looking for, an undesirable encounter with a potential customer can place your brand in a bad light. Showing poor etiquette in the sales process can render all previous marketing efforts of lead acquisition, generation, and nurturing useless and ultimately lead to the fall of a brand. Companies fail because of the quality of their products or services and how they handle their marketing and sales efforts.

This article dives into the etiquette expected of anybody in sales to adore to close the deal effectively.

To start with

Only intrude on a customer’s time if you have an appointment. Ask for permission to know if you can start a conversation on the go or set a convenient time to talk later. Say something along the line of, “Is this a good time to talk?” or “Would you be open to having a quick chat on this tomorrow at 10 am”.

Come prepared

Once you have an agreed date and time with a customer for a sales call or meeting, show up early and be prepared.

Dress appropriately for the location and the occasion. The way you dress signifies the respect you have for the client and the topic of your meeting.

Be actively engaged in the conversation.

Be present. Put your cell phone on silent or out of sight, except if you need it during the conversation.

Please don’t call them by their first name until they ask you to. Instead, speak clearly and occasionally reaffirm their statements, ask for clarifications on their words, and nod your head. At the same time, you listen to them talk while holding firm eye contact to show you’re interested in what they have to say.

Treat potential customers with respect.

Treat every potential customer with honor, even if they are not making a big purchase right off the gate. The quickest way to lose a sale is to ignore a potential customer who expresses interest. While some customers like to buy from companies with the best product, many would be OK going for a competitor with a similar offer just because of how the company treats them.

As the saying goes, the first impression you make a customer feel last most and determines to a large extent, how they perceive their relationship with you will be like.

Also, showing good etiquette will help your downline through referrals with free mouth-to-mouth advertisements from well-treated customers.

Know, Like, and Trust

Beforehand, you should already know as a salesperson that closing a sale demands that your prospective customer is acquainted with what you do they like about your service or product. They are convinced your product or service can effectively handle their problems or worries.

While marketing personnel can ease the ‘know’ stage, getting the customer to like and trust your brand is mainly on your shoulder. How you carry yourself and your manners tell more about your company than your word could. Showing courtesy, not cutting your customers while they talk, handling sales conversations calmly without being pushy or aggressive, and similar gestures attract customers to wanting what you’re selling.

Don’t Lie

The pressure to beat out the competition can temporarily make salespersons lose their moral compass. In some cases, it may be saying negative things about competitors’ products that are untrue, claiming that your product has some features which are not there, hiding some defects in a product that could have made a customer stop the deal, and many more. Doing any of these could make a customer lose credibility in the company and what it stands for when they find out.

In summary, always remember that the success of your brand lies in how you close deals with potential customers. No business exists when salespeople can’t act honorable by promoting a good image of the company they represent.

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